Friday, August 6, 2010

Funny Looking Monument!

I was Wondering who make this monument! Very artistic I wish that I can see this type of monument at Malaysia not only it is special but will give a good name for the country because of artistic than a pervert if you know what I mean!


statues_03 statues_04 statues_05

It can be said weird but that is a masterpiece we are all human being we should not hide behind a tree about what we can express out there. Like people said the sky is the limit so make sure you use all your opportunity than regret later.

statues_07 statues_08 statues_09

Hmmmmm! Nicceeeee right!

statues_11  statues_15 statues_16 statues_12statues_17

Sometimes Law is meant to be broken!

statues_19 statues_20 statues_21 statues_22 statues_23 statues_24 statues_25 statues_27statues_30statues_26   

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