Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Guy Try to Buy Drugs with Monopoly Money!


Can you believe this guy trying to use Monopoly money to buy drugs even worst buy it from a gangster surely he will be beaten up badly.So do you want to know the real story?

It is like this….


Police at Kansas is trying to investigate a funny case with Monopoly money involve,drugs and etc. With a routine roadblock or traffic stop around in the afternoon when the police pull over 33 years old guy car and found out that he is bleeding badly and on the same time explaining the story about the Monopoly Money that he buy drugs with it.

The guy explain that he buy drugs and the gangster is upset and invite him over and when he arrival the destination he was whack with a handgun a few times and after a few second the gangster colleague join in and hit him. But lucky for him he escape.


Police say the guy is not helpful and end of the day the police would want to catch the person that attack him even it have a weird story at the back of it.


One of the person said that at the news there is no card for “get out of jail”

What a weird person using Monopoly money to buy drugs with gangster you will surely get beaten up badly by doing so. Should buy from a businessman or something like that so that they can beat you up but use the law to do so. By that it will take a long time to do so. Best News EVER!

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