Friday, August 6, 2010

Ukrainian Twins Beauty Pageant!*Only Twins*


I have never heard of twins pageant before. But it is something new for me not sure it is something new out there. But is quite interesting and sometimes i keep thinking why most of the twins are so cute or so beautiful. <<<< Open eye wide wide i say most of them

twins_06 twins_09 twins_10

A guy call Bulankov is the person that hosted this twins pageant. The Pageant is call Miss World Twins 2010! Every Twins that are located at Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are all participating in this pageant. Other than that they all dress alike so that they look more similar such as wearing the same color bikini and type.

twins_11 twins_12 twins_13 twins_14  twins_16

They all look alike! For the judge he or her having a really hard time to find who will be the winner. I will tell you who is the winner at the end of the post. Give you all more time to think and feel excited! Haha =]

twins_18twins_17  twins_19 twins_21

Sometimes I keep thinking if you get a girlfriend that have a twin sister. If one day the other act like the other can that guy know it. Ya they can know from their attitude and how they think. But their appearance can be exactly the same like an alien is following you around.

twins_23 twins_27 twins_28 image.axd

Can you resist it? Looking at all the Twins Beauty now searching for a Twins Girlfriend haha


The Winner as you can see on top it is Kateryna and Olga Korol from Moscow have won the pageant. Look at them they look so adorable don’t you think?

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