Monday, August 30, 2010

World Smallest Camcorder! Peeping at Girls Will Not Get Easier Than That!


Now Technologies have change our life dramatically but people use it for something bad than good. The size of the camcorder is so small like a size of chewing gum. Because we can record people talking without even they noticing it. Can act as pendrive or just put a tiny hole at our shirt pocket and stick to it we can record the people every move without them noticing it.


For example as you can see the picture on top even with digital camera it is already taken with the tiny looking it is more easier to take  video or picture of something that they shouldn’t do it. In this World there is many kind of people that is why we should look at our surrounding and make sure that people closes to us are good in the inside not faking it.



THe camcorder that can record Hi Resolution video and the format will be 3gp just like our old days Nokia phone that we use before.Damn the recording hole is as small as the head of a needle. It is one genius creation by the human but people will use it for something not good. Everything is store into a tiny MicroSD not only that it can record for as long as 33 hours video in 1GB memory card and the battery is rechargeable just using USB to charge it. It can record for 2 hours straight in a single charge it is more than enough to record something scandal!


Look how pervert guys nowadays! If you don’t believe you can ask everyone out there. First thing first come out from their mouth would be SEX if not if you don’t give me SEX means you don’t love me. Crazy but TRUE!


For example using a detector that can detect computer battery signal, they can use to detect if there is any electronic devices with battery just going a certain range. Normally they will check cars for the signal if they detect anything they will break the car and take the stuff for example laptop,phone that is left in the car. It sound weird but it is REALLLLLLL!

The device on top it is call Inductive Amplifier it can detect battery wave of a laptop that can be bought online or any electronic shop. So cheap and people use it for stealing stuff than using it for something good. It can be said that it work like Metal detector,it can detect a concrete as thick of 10cm+++++


The best solution would be carry your laptop everywhere or remove the battery but i not so sure because laptop have built in battery too! So it is the best to bring it around or put at your office(Make sure you can trust your colleague)

Nowadays thieves are getting smarter and smarter we should always be ahead of them by one step so that it will not happen because they have learn and train what to do so that they goal will be achieve. It is important we be precaution because we will never know we will be next and should not always misjudge something because it can happen anytime.

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