Saturday, August 28, 2010

Makeup is a TYPE of MAGIC for WOMEN!

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Now Girls strongest ability to make them look attractive is makeup nowadays most of the girls out there put thick makeup so that they look beautiful some of them also make their eye look very big to make them more attractive. Nowadays hardly find any girls without makeup.

If with makeup you can see that it is as thick as hell to cover their ugliness i presume or something else correct me if i am wrong not discrimination whatsoever.PEACE!

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So guys out there if you are looking for a girlfriend find that one that normally use their natural look than using makeup. Because i am worry if next time if the girl did not put any makeup you will not recognize them anymore. Because makeup sometimes can make you look like a hooker sometimes or look astonishing beautiful or cute like HELLO KITTY!

All so cute but all so fake on the same time. Remember guys before going out a date tell your girlfriend to put without makeup to look the real them than the fake of them. Because you love what is inside but nowadays finding someone love what you are is hardly been found and most of them love your money or hotness that all!


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Most of them after makeup look so different than their actual person! It can be scary or unscary<<< I know broken ENGLISH!Haha

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   Don’t you think it is like MAGIC?  I think it is way better than magic making someone that they are not really are. The best is natural it is because it make them look normal and people love what you are not what you have. Keep hearing gossip here and there that people keep saying girls with makeup look ugly.

Look is more important or Money more important? Majority would say Money! Nowadays if you are rich no worry you can get a hot girlfriend in no time it is about you want it or not. Time have change it is not about what is inside but what is in the pocket that make the different.

asian_girls_with_makeup_05 before_after28

Actually their actual self look quite beautiful it is about how they groom themselves. Sometimes they groom themselves ugly but with a bit tweak will make a big different as you can see the picture on top!

3SMRCUKANM_Leighton_Meester_-_Cleavy_40_Diane_von_Furstenberg_Spring_2009_FS_-99_4_thumb high-waist-white-belt

See with a bit of makeup will make them look ok than putting thick thick makeup that will take years to put it and take it off! It will look natural. I keep talking makeup makeup like a specialist or something like that! Haha this topic just pop into my mind.

Look at Leighton Meester don’t you think she look adorable? I think YES!

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MizArWeN said...

i put less makeup so m ok lohh....heheh

Jimmy T said...

Ya! The lesser the better! =]