Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cheryl Cole Want to Show More Cleavage on X-FACTOR!

I think her purpose to say that one thing would be to make Ashley Cole jealous about it because he can’t even touch it anymore and only can see it whatsoever and another thing would be to promote X-Factor by flashing her cute cleavage that she always do in national TV because with her cute face add Cleavage she look fantastic.  You better stare as much as possible to see this kind of girl anymore is like striking lottery.

She say that she would show more of her cleavage during X-Factor than before and as you can see the picture above she is almost naked and she say she want to show even more just imagine how much she can show anymore. But she promise to anyone that she would flash more on television sets. She would be one of the judge in X-Factor with Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and finally one and only Dannii Minogue.


But until today I hear her song I still do not like it whatsoever and she can get so famous out of it. But I think she get so famous it is because first thing first she is pretty and have boobs. In this world you are pretty guys would chase you all around even your heart is rot like hell that is the second thing guys would find out later on. Girls will always be girls when they see any hot girls in the room they would feel uncomfortable because they feel that there is another competition in the room just like what happen not long ago when Nicole Scherzinger the Pussycatdolls Singer was in the the movie and Cheryl say that she is outwitted whatever it means.


So if your girlfriend feel jealous when you are too close to an another girl you should feel proud and happy because she still love you just imagine if one day she don’t care whatsoever than you will start crying all over the floor than only you know.


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