Monday, December 6, 2010

TSA Strip Naked Tammy Banovac at OKLAHOMA CITY!

Do you know what is means by TSA?

TSA stand for Transportation Security Administration for the United States transportation system for safety and security for the people. Have you heard news of TSA body scan is violating human rights? Because it scan the whole body of a person can even scan how big is their boobs or their little birdie in the pants. They can even know also if your breast is fake or not that I have read in the net because they are using AIT it means advanced imaging technology that can detect in seconds what the person have at their body even hiding in the inside they can detect without any problem.

Even some of the people don’t feel safe or comfortable because some of the pictures that is keep in the scanner have been leaked obviously it is naked not only their rights is violated but even their naked pictures of them have been leaked to people to see for people enjoyment.

A woman name Tammy Banovac was strip naked in OKLAHOMA CITY airport and she was naked in public for a long of period of time even people have time to take video of her. It is not only embarrassing her in the public but wasting her time. Obviously people will keep staring at her because she is wearing only a black bikini just tell me obviously you will even see. Even in Malaysia girl with big boobs people will keep staring already and even make sound like “OMG HER THAT THINGY IS DAMN HUGE”  and on the same time fantasize that he have this type of girlfriend. Because in Malaysia getting this kind of girl is like getting a jackpot because it will surely attract people to look on her because you can’t see everyday this kind of hot BABES!

You can’t DENY iT! I know you wan it Devil

Than she was only her bikini police was call to questioned her and than only allowed her to proceed to the security. I think she was strip naked because  she was going through the scanner her laptop of her hand carry triggered because it detected nitrates in it. Because of that she was not allowed to her flight to Phoenix. Than even she is in her wheelchair she get pat down treatment. Pat down treatment is something like you can see below is that they touch on the middle of your cleavage, look at your side of your boobs, check guys under and many many more that you would not want to know.

I am trying to mean they will touch your private part maybe close to there or somewhere that you will feel sensitive!

TSA Crotch


Here she IS!

As you can see in the video that she is wearing only black bikini and on her lap was her dogs. It is obviously embarrassing because her video is now on YOUTUBE and not only that her name is starting to spread around. Not only her experience it before but even celebrity experience the embarrassing situation. So the next time you are visiting United States you may experience yourself in this kind of sticky situation so GOOD LUCK on that.

Than on the following day she was allowed to go through without any problem whatsoever.


See Rihanna is embarrass too!

Kate Bekinsale Frisk

Even Kate the same treatment. It doesn’t mean you are celebrity you get special treatment you will get touches like nobody business just like other people even you feel awkward you don’t have a choice.


See Kim Kardashian have been TOUCHED TOO!

.CaptureTSA Pat Down

So you still can say that you are lucky if you are travelling anywhere but in United States! Because if you are the unlucky one you will be check from top to bottom encounter anything related to United States, you will be check too. But if you are living in Malaysia, Singapore and etc there is still no such as body scan only metal detector maybe if the security get even worst it will start popping up in security check point for security purposes!



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Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you have your facts wrong. She, herself stripped naked in retaliation to the fact that she was searched previously on another day and thought it was invasive.

Jimmy T said...

Thanks for the correction ^^