Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Girl Dancing Like Mad at SWIMMING POOL!

She is doing weird move on the swimming pool not sure she is high or not but looking at her she is like just taken a drug and her dance move is so bad it make me wanted to puke all over myself. But not sure if she notice or not what she is doing people are all looking at her and some of them are laughing at her how bad is her moved worst than PAMELA ANDERSON!

So make sure after watching the video make sure you laugh your ass off!

If you want to see the video just scroll down!!!!


After I watch the video she keep doing weird moves and movies in the water and trying to be a shark or a little fish in the water or maybe her head stuck with a song that make her keep doing the weird moves that is so freaking ugly and FAIL BIG TIME! I think she keep doing for about 2 minutes maybe because she heard that people keep cheering for her and I think her boyfriend is supporting her to continue her weird stunt.

I think the stunt would be better that if she is doing naked. OMG I keep seeing the video that she swim worst than a fish and keep rolling here and there ,one more thing she look like a men. I would want to suggest to her that she need to go more dancing class but her dance is freaking bad even LADY GAGA is better. People also commented that she have show her dancing charms whatever it means but at the end of the day the move is BAAAADDDD!

But some of the comment say that she did that maybe because of her friend or boyfriend dare her to do so if she do so she will get something out of it. She is a hit on YouTube sooner or later she will be as famous as Justin Bieber sooner or later. But I can say that she is dare devil girl she don’t mind people laughing or looking at her how stupid she is.

Is GOOD to get a GF or BF that dare to do something must people can do that make them special with other scary cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at her MOVE and EXPRESSION IT IS FREAKING EPIC! So when you are at PUBLIC don’t try this at home!!!


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Anonymous said...

she's russian. the language at the background is russian. rofl.