Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Right Way to TALK in the PHONE!


Some people nowadays talk on the phone talk so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear it. Are they talking to the person on the phone or to other people and also even scolding people don’t need so loud because the microphone in the phone is just at the side not 10 kilometer away. With phone been invented people are getting ruder and ruder in the phone and sometimes talk so loud like the person in the phone cannot hear like that.

The purpose of this post is to help people to learn to talk nicely when they are on the phone. Because talking loudly is not something nice to hear for other people and on the same time you surely would not want people to hear what you are talking not only it is annoying but it is freaking no manners. I bet that you have encounter this kind of people when they are talking to the phone especially businessman will always do it.

I bet that you have encounter when you taught that person was angry in the phone but actually the person talk like that. Don’t judge people by their look because sometimes when their size is so small but they can talk so loud that you can be deaf. It is not the first time I have encounter something like this some of them sound so cute like a dwarf but some of them so loud like a loud speaker.


So if you want to learn how to talk nicely! Just read below


So next time don’t talk so loud because it is freaking annoying to some people!!! People if you want to talk so loud please cover your mouth because your saliva keep coming out when you are waiting just imagine after talking the phone the person next to you will be cover with saliva especially the person face. Even you want to talk so loud go somewhere quiet and no people are around.

That is Malaysia that is our CULTURE! Devil



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