Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Actually most of the time when you want to pee you want to let people know you there so that their will not blindly bump into and you will stick into the toilet bowl instead. But nowadays there is always guys pee while you are standing and even help in your accuracy by having a flies or a bull eye saying shoot here! If you know WHAT I MEAN!!!


Actually it is been invented by the JAPANESE! Don’t you think Japanese always think ahead of us even how we pee!!!


As you know pee can say a lot of thing from the smell,color and so on. Even police want to check a person if a person is taking drugs or not they will take a urine sample from them and test if it is positive or not. That is why we must drink a lot of water everyday but not too much or too little because drinking too little will make your body feel dry = dehydrated and on the same time don’t drink too much because our body will tell us when we really really need to drink. If you have read or not a girl drink too much water like excessive everyday go blindly because drinking too much of water! More info LINK

So another thing below is a chart where normally people like to pee!!


Last time when I am small normally side of the ROAD HAHA!

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