Thursday, December 30, 2010

Japanese Tourist Say Must Have Sex with HIM or DIED!

The Japanese Tourist trying to say that must have sex with him or risk dying early because he can see the future how and when she will died. By using the WORD DIED tactic to scared the person so that the person would fall into the trap having sex with him instead. The victim say that the Japanese Tourist say that he can see that she will be dying in a hospital in three years time if she do not have sex with him it would happen.

Than this went to court of 4 different type of charges that is related to get the victim to have sexual intercourse without consent and the man defended by saying that the evidence given by the women was not strong enough and not reliable on the same time. The judge say that he can’t take any action because there is not enough evidence to relate to the “Japanese Tourist”. Than she say that she was raped about 4 times between 2 days at Ubirr Rock.


Than one of the women say that the man offered to fix her flat tire. Than one of the doctor examine her say that he force her to stay at his house while he fixing the flat tire by creating a story saying that camping in the dark will be dangerous this and that. Actually want to force that girl to stay at his house and want to have sex with her instead.It say that the women do not have a choice to reject or say no because the guy is smart to persuade her.

She say that she scared to reject him it is because she cannot say no staying in the scary place because the guy told her a story that a girl reject him before and that girl DIED after that. Than the court say that she did not indicate lack of consent on having an sexual intercourse. It maybe she is still naïve to fall into that person trap freely without any force whatsoever.

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Akulah Aqilah Itu said...

that is plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

lol.. if only the curses work on thieves!!