Saturday, December 11, 2010

PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo 10-12 Dec 2010 BABES,Showgirl,Model


Does it sound different sound different than normally we call PIKOM PC FAIR I II III but the purpose of them changing their name is to rebranding. As always their venue would be obviously at KLCC Convention Centre and  would have a lot of model,girl walking around to attract attention.

But this year is a bit different there is still model around but not as hot as last time and how they plan or put the booth is well planned because when we all are walking we would not miss a thing like there is one spot for games, laptop and so on. It also not as big as their old PC Fair normally there is a few floor but for this year it is one floor.


Because the purpose of PIKOM for this DIGITIAL LIFESTYLE EXPO to let the people know the latest gadget out there  it is not to snap hot showgirl in the hall and on the same time it is annoying because we can’t ask them question and people keep snapping their pictures on the same time we can pleasure our self to talk to them and on the same time creating a name for their product and selling it.

As always there is good thing and bad thing the bad part would be nearly the end would be cover by internet product like TM NET,DIGI,MAXIS,CELCOM,P1 4G is like disturbing when we want to walk by promoting their product in front of our face even we surely would not want to even want to see or register. For now it is quite ok but just wait next year it will be worst would be big names like Yes 4G and so on would be joining stalking on people when they want to leave the hall.


Their rebranding not only their names but which company they want them to be in the DIGITIAL LIFESTYLE and with that less pervert snapping pictures and more times for us to stare at them and on the same time looking what devices that we want to see.

Don’t worry if you go there just want to see you can collect a lot of brochure and use it for go green purpose you can. Than when you walking around you will encounter free goodies would be given away like Razor Lucky Draw,Pikom Lucky Draw, Games giving away free CD, Games from Games Company like mousepad > T-shirt and so on. Not only that there is a lot hot chick to see and there is a lot of fun thing to do.

Just put aside the annoying internet promoter at the end the best solution is walk at the right corner an don’t walk on the middle you will experience the annoyance of the PROMOTER!



This girl remind me of  just now I won a cloth bag like a Christmas bag look so cute!!! Than on the same time get to take pictures with SANTA CLAUS but the girl promoter was at the side never join in if not it will be PERFECT!!! I think it given by ACER and one more thing I heard is that Seagate is selling cheap hard disk only 60 unit per day quite cheap I think 500 GB for RM99 I think!!!


But remember to come early to get it because it selling like hot cake!

So tomorrow will be the LAST DAY so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to buy,see,stare,pervert and etc!!!!!

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Nikel Khor said...

some ar cute too

HF Horvejkul said...

ladiessssss :D

♥Nicole's♥ said...

I got their facebook ~~ XD

Biopolymath said...

Another annoying thing is showgirls promoting games kept on asking me to sign up. While it's free my account lay waste in their server 'coz I don't play their games! Have been encountering this since World Cyber Games event.

They should use test accounts to let us play instead.

isroxck said...

Pretties =) !
Been there too !
Not as crowded as and as grand as the genuine PC fair. lol

Jimmy T said...

Ya the feeling is different already without hot showgirl all around it is like a normal FAIR

Jimmy Lim said...

Wow~ pretty show girls~ thx for sharing~ haha