Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Guy shoot a Kid after Asking if he is a PIGEON or NOT!


It is one of the weirdest news I have ever heard even that guy ask if the kid is a pigeon or not. Crying out loud do you think a pigeon can even talk and the size is so obvious that it is impossible that it is even a pigeon. If using a elastic and stone than it will be ok but the freaking guy is using a freaking gun not the water gun whatsoever. Maybe the guy is in a dreaming land or get drunk last night that is why he do not know the different between a pigeon or a person.

For what he did he get sentence to be in prison for 2 and a half years for shooting a kid that did not do anything to him whatsoever on the tree and he assume the kid is a pigeon. Can ar if I say wow this girl is my girlfriend than I jump on her and kiss than if I get caught than I say I am only kissing my girlfriend same story right?


The Guy that I was saying is only 22 years old and his name is Daniel Clarke maybe he doing so it is because playing too much computer games like Hunter Unlimited keep hunting and hunting like there is no tomorrow than when we are in real life we assume everything can be shoot even hot chicks. Than what he did there he have to face the music by using an air rifle the purpose to shoot on pigeon instead he shoot a innocent KID.

The story is like this Daniel Clarke is walking and pass a tree and his curiosity he look on the tree and saw 2 kid on the tree. Than he have conservation with them and one of the conservation is related to pigeon and the kid on the tree say that they are not pigeon. Than Daniel Clarke reply saying are you sure than after that we only hear firing sound.


Than Daniel Clarke is trying his shooting skill he moved a distance from the tree and by saying wait there see if I can hit you or not. Than the boy on tree feel something pain on his right side of his head and it is actually a bullet that inch misses his eye he can be blind.

Than after what happen the kid quickly run down and back home to tell their parents what happen. Can you believe this? In Europe they have very weird rules and regulation and some of them that is so weird that you are lucky that you are not living in their country. I heard this story a robber try to rob a home through a roof and on the way walking on the roof the thief fall than he wanted to sue the house owner and eventually he WON the story is weird but is REAL!

The world is round but the roundness make it feel weird!!!



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