Friday, December 31, 2010

Message That You Should GIVE TO A THIEF!

Sometimes thief can annoys us sometimes stealing something that is so precious to us and the thing that we use everyday. They can come often that obviously would piss us off obviously that we want to use a gun to kill them straight away. But sometimes reporting police is no use because it is a small matter and sometimes we need to get our hand dirty  instead that is why law is mean to be break.

Another 13 hours +++ it will be 2011 so obviously you all want a GREAT NEW YEAR Free from THIEF!!!

Just like this girl Anna Chapman is in America act like a normal girl but she is actually RUSSIAN SPY that is why we can’t judge the cover of the book because thief can be any shape and size. So be really careful when someone get too close to you make sure that you find out what is their real purpose first before you start get close to them because maybe you are falling into a trap instead.


This is the MESSAGE That we should put up for the THIEF!!!


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