Friday, December 10, 2010

Husband Caught Wife Having Sex(Woods) but got ATTACK INSTEAD!

The husband name Anthony Silindza was on his way home after work on the way back he spotted something weird movement behind the rocks obviously there is 2 person at the back there. Than when he go closer and closer he saw a familiar face was actually his wife and with an other guy and obviously it is cheating on him. It actually happen in the forest and making passionate love behind a rocks.

Actually Anthony didn’t suspect it was her wife until he see with his 2 own eye. When anthony go closer and closer both of them having sex in the woods notice funny sound and stop and have a look. The guy that her wife is having sex is name Calvin Elvis. After seeing Anthony maybe he notice that it is her husband he start to throwing stone at Anthony with any warning whatsoever.

Than this went to court charged of assaulting a person. Than obviously Calvin would defense himself by saying that the female he having sex with are having a child together. Than he denied any allegation that he throw or assault her husband whatsoever by saying that he fall when he saw her husband was coming when he is running. Even though both of them is still married but they both are staying separate house because of the incident. Obviously the guy feel betrayed from her wife because putting so much trust of her but she did something to hurt him.

Than sadly Calvin been sentenced on prison as guilty as charges to be in prison for 8 months because of the incident. Something that I can’t stop thinking would be you already have sex with someone wife and you still trying to throw stone at her husband. You already touch,kiss,passionate love with her wife you have everything a guy needed. The best solution is to find a hooker than story SETTLE

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Maybe the greatest read I read this week?!