Monday, December 13, 2010

Now There is “SEX TAX” for Prostitutes

Have you ever taught that prostitute need to pay tax too sooner or later it is because they contribute a high number of percentage of income into the country and prostitutes if it is not legal it can be say that it is part of the black market. Nowadays if you have money you can have any girls you like and even finding the hottest prostitutes in the neighborhood.


Lucky in Malaysia and other country that their main tourism is sex tourism is still do not have sex tax whatsoever but sooner or later in the future it would be just like in Malaysia for you to pay Government Tax your restaurant should at least generate 1 million profit only need to pay government tax. But sadly in Malaysia sex tourism is not legal but it is still booming tremendously and on the same time spreading

VIRUS to people even you wear protection it is the FACT of LIFE so don’t always go play around until you get yourself the HIV than you will suffer even more.

Actually the place that introducing sex tax is Germany(Dortmund) city. By introducing this tax they need to purchase a ticket that is call “day ticket” for them to operate their services. The purpose of introducing it would be to reduce the country deficit. The cost of the ticket would be Euro 5 if they are caught without it they will face heavy fine. After introducing this tax they are hoping that more money can be given to the government so more thing can be done.


The purpose of them introducing sex tax because they have financial problem and this is one of the solution they can think of and on the same time the most practical plan they think off. As you know Germany prostitution is legal so you can have sex how many girls as you like. They even thinking of charging every person that is entering red light district but do not get much support of it. If this play really go through their sex tourism will drop tremendously.



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