Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Myvi can Beat a Subaru with TOP SPEED of 165km/h

Can you imagine how good Buatan Malaysian car now so don’t look down on Malaysia make car. That is why we call ourselves Malaysia BOLEH but with my curiosity was searching around and saw that Myvi can have a top speed of 185km/h it is faster than Subaru combine together because Subaru top speed only can reach 170km/h in their speedometer. 

You can see that Myvi Speedometer can reach up 220km/h so don’t judge by the cover of the book! I think it should go to the Guinness Books of Record!!!

Can you imagine this car Subaru Impreza a freaking sport car can’ beat MYVI can you believe that I bet you that you tell anybody they will not even believe it until you see yourself. Because normally in the highway I can see that MYVI drive on the highway freaking fast and I taught they was fast because other driver was driving slower. But I was surprise that it can beat a sport car like Subaru Impreza I am totally shock and surprise on the same time.

But don’t be surprise what I want to say next!


But can’t denied that the car safety is not really good even it can speed as fast as a bird but safety standard is not really good. One more thing the car engine is using Toyota Engine and that is why the car engine is so reliable and good. But don’t be disappointed because you should be proud if you own this milo tin car because it can even be faster than Subaru Impreza and just imagine what other car that this 1.3 engine can beat. Will even can beat a BMW M6 or even Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 I assume

I am not calling you to race! Just saying that if you see any expensive car on the road don’t worry just smoke them with your Myvi and they will not look down Malaysian made car and also cheap car that people keep saying about the car. In the future I would not want to buy BMW or Hummer anymore I would buy 5 myvi to keep at home for my pleasure and proud of the car.

Subaru got SMOKE!

Everybody people out there have you all learn your lesson? Don’t look down on people by the cover of the book because they can proof you wrong even how much are them or how dumb they look. So just keep this on your mind MYVI RULEZ! In the car everything is good just the spare part of the car is not as good so after seeing this video make sure don’t drive mad on the road. Not saying only Myvi but other cars too so don’t make your own conclusion saying this and that!

Because you will not know what bad thing will happen! DRIVE SAFE not DRIVE LIKE A MAD PERSON ON THE ROAD!

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Jam said...

cool post!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess you never heard of speedcut. Japanese imported Subaru has a speedcut of 180km/h, which needs to be removed to achieve higher speeds. What makes you think they weren't just toying with the myvi?

Anonymous said...

you are retarded, the subaru has speed limiter.. please dont encourage myvi to go and try race against m6 with 500 BHP.. will lead to accident.. use your common sense

Anonymous said...

yep..i heard about speed cut..yep i heard about speed limiter..i think, what our friend here mean is that..standard spec myvi can go much faster then a standard impreza..jeez..please la..just accept the fact.. ;D ..malaysia boleh!! ;D

Anonymous said...

young boy. i guess you havent been in a subaru before. :) if your idea of speed is how fast the myvi can go then you have a lot more to learn about cars.

Something you should try:
try driving any subaru or even a lancer gt. then go back to your myvi. Looking forward to your post on how long it takes for the myvi to reach 180. :) Cheers.