Monday, April 26, 2010

Men with Iphone Make Them more Attractive to Women!

* Warning Female Holding Iphone Beware!


According to a survey by a British Phone Retailer say that man with Iphone will make them more attractive to girls. Don’t you think it is funny or weird?  If i own a Nokia N900 will it make me more attractive. Back to the topic(See Below)

thumbs_girls_iphones018 thumbs_girls_iphones020

According to research they make on 1,500 people is women by company 4U LTD, say that about 54 percent women say that they would date a guy with iphone. It also said that about 75 percent Iphone sales are to men from age range of 18 to 4o years old according to Phone 4U. But don’t you think girl are actually chasing their money than chasing their LOVE. But in Malaysia for an Iphone it cost about 2k and in origin it cost much cheaper.


According to Phone 4U say that sales of dating game have sold about 250,000 of it. It show that people buying Iphone are desperate! Muhahhaha <<< that is a joke lol

thumbs_girls_iphones003 thumbs_girls_iphones005

WTF! Another Survey So it start like this about 37 percent of people say that owning a cheap Iphone something related to plan  i dont even want to know where it goes because i don’t own one. Other than that it also say that the female species would think the guy are more reliable and have a better chance of second date.


I think i drive a Ferrari than owning a Iphone would make a big different too! Don’t you agree?

If you can’t own one than buy a Iphone it cost cheaper than a Ferrari by million.

5 Lovely Comment:

afiq said...

this is good.. ahhaha:P

kenwooi said...

okay.. means im less attractive =P

Daphne Le Lyra said...

lol..i think i agree with u that girls with Iphone arte soo desperate n wanting to date with guys that have Iphone too?its really making them seems like chasing fortune than rather see u with ferrari...hahah!

Jimmy T said...

afiq@ How good better than Iphone 4G?

Kenwooi@ Don't worry you drive a Porsche will be more attractive

Lyra@ Ya fortune call them fly kite. Drive ferrari maybe in the future if it really can be true lol!

bolokla said...

oh shit..i only own nokia 3315 only..