Monday, February 8, 2010

After Looking at this Picture you Will Not Feel That Stupid Anymore

doin-it-wrong-23 - Copy doin-it-wrong-26 - Copydoin-it-wrong-24 - Copy doin-it-wrong-27 - Copydoin-it-wrong-28 - Copydoin-it-wrong-25 - Copy    doin-it-wrong-29 - Copy doin-it-wrong-30 - Copy doin-it-wrong-0 doin-it-wrong-1  doin-it-wrong-4 doin-it-wrong-5 doin-it-wrong-6 doin-it-wrong-7  doin-it-wrong-9 - Copy doin-it-wrong-10 - Copy doin-it-wrong-11 - Copy doin-it-wrong-12 - Copy doin-it-wrong-13 - Copy doin-it-wrong-15 - Copy  doin-it-wrong-16 - Copy doin-it-wrong-17 - Copy doin-it-wrong-18 - Copy doin-it-wrong-19 - Copy doin-it-wrong-20 - Copy doin-it-wrong-21 doin-it-wrong-14 - Copydoin-it-wrong-8doin-it-wrong-3doin-it-wrong-22 - Copy

3 Lovely Comment:

kenwooi said...

funny pics =P

Elaine New said...

i dun understand wats wrong wit some of the pics such as da gal in bikini, the nerd with expensive car, the ppl wit things on their head. haha.

Jimmy T said...

Elaine New@ Lol The Girl bikini look wierd only haha