Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do you think Heidi Montag Face lift and Boobs Job is GOOD?


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heidi and spencer host pure 140210 heidi and spencer host pure 140210 heidi_montag_pure_night_6 heidi and spencer host pure 140210 heidi and spencer host pure 140210 heidi_montag_pure_night_9 heidimontagrednight heidi and spencer host pure 140210 heidi and spencer host pure 140210 heidi_montag_pure_night_3


heidi_montag_cleavage_on_private_jet_014 heidi_montag_cleavage_on_private_jet_015 heidi_montag_cleavage_on_private_jet_017 heidi_montag_cleavage_on_private_jet_018 heidi_montag_cleavage_on_private_jet_013


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She is so young only 23 years old but with all the plastic surgery what a waste. The Horor was she done 10 plastic surgery in one day that is quite over. For a facelift and BOOBS Job. She need to control it do not get obsess of it, she can be killed.

In some angle she look weird but most of them make she look hotter and with that freaking boobs that surely make her even hotter. But she should accept how she look not to plastic surgery to attract attraction from people. For now she look hot and pretty but years go down she will feel the PAIN!

tara-reid-boobs3 452278_f520 janet-jackson-breasts nicollette_gap

In the future her breast can look dented or like wanted to fall off!

donatella-versace-plastic-s michael-jackson jocelyn-wildenstein-horror 4650-donatella_s_face_beginning_crack_sun_cosmetic_surgery_blame

Her Face can look Worse than Before!


Maybe when she is OLD she can look something like the picture on TOP! SCARY

Love her before she done her plastic surgery she look cute,fun, and etc etc

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Nikel Khor said...

is scary most the ppl nw..keke

from Nikel Khor

Jimmy T said...

She should wait for the side effect when she is old!

Scarlet said...

heidi montag plastic surgery news