Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Hmmmm I have a lot of thing that I need but I will try my best to list it down if there is space!

1) N900

It cost about RM3,000!


2) Canon EOS 500D

For the full package it is around RM 3,000


3) Invite Nuffnang Malaysia Team for Dinner!

If I win I will invite them to somewhere special for dinner! To thanks them for everything =]



Camera: RM3,000k

Phone : RM 3,000k

Dinner: RM 2,888k

But But But But But But But But But But But But………………. Term and Condition Say that I am only entitled for one prize so sad! If they give me opportunity for more than one prize I would choose on top one!

The Tiger Run winner shall be entitled to one (1) prize only.'

So I would like to choose something that I always wanted! Hope it can come TRUE!


This is

Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop Area-51 ALX Desktop

It cost roughly about RM 12,000

Why I love so much about this desktop is


- It is 3.86 GHZ


- ATI CrossFireX


- Multi-GPU Support


- Alien Ware Command Centre and have lighting that can change varieties of color


- Aluminum case


- Easy Lighting Access and also Liquid Cooling

So it is Tiger Year let me be your Feng Shui Master Today!


Tiger (1950,1962,1974,1986,1998)

Although this is the Tiger Year,it is not a good one for Tiger People. Chances of accidents are higher so don’t take any risks. Thing will not be going as expected on the career front but it will help if Tiger learn to become a team player when give tasks.


Use the Strength of your other team members to help you cope with the responsibilities. According to Henry Fong Fen Shui Consultant.



What is Tiger all about


Tiger is a “Born Leader” they always want to lead in something and sometimes they can be selfish sometimes. Tiger are people that people respect at them. So remember to bow at them. Tiger are people that have confident in themselves but they love new challenges or adventure.


What Tiger symbol that power and people respect about them is FEAR! So remember to bow to them whenever you see them!


Love Life

Tiger is the person that always dominate their partner due to their adventurous they give their partner an excitement whenever they go and also believe in them in the way protecting them and also have a sexy kind of feeling when you with them.

Tiger Love and Cafe about their partner they also are not really romantic kind of people and also are not easily surprise kind of people.

Horse,Dog and Dragon have a better relation than others for finding a partner.

LOVE Compatibility( Taken

65 - In order to success, both must endure.

33 - Almost impossible to make it work.

52 - Two tigers?! Not recommended.

46 - Difficult. Possible convenience marriage

76 - Despite minor difficulties, it's good for marriage.

69 - Difficult to see what they could see in each other.

86 - Why not, they have lots in commons.

24 - One of the worst combinations.

81 - These two make eager loves.

55 - Not a balanced relationship.

89 - Good! A balanced and harmonic relationship.

79 - They are very different, but this will work.

As you know the lucky number for this year is 888. I have encounter a few 888 that I would love to share!


My Visitor for the week is “888”

The Computer I am using is “88” too!

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8 Lovely Comment:

kumfye said...

people who comment invite for dinner anot...haha...hope you can win la...get all ur dream items...happy chinese new year...8888

Jimmy T said...

Thanks =] Hope I can Run Fast enough so can invite you too!

Nikel Khor said... GPU i wan it too..

from Nikel Khor

Jimmy T said...

Hope I win the RUn loh!

Alpha Ace said...

bro Canon 500D new one with kitlens only RM2900 or cheaper leh.
If you wan2 get 2nd hand one, will be even cheaper from the forum around RM2500~! can jus search Google malaysia with - WTS 500D.
sure got a lot listing one ^^

Jimmy T said...

Don't want second hand veli dirty! Want first Hand!

Alpha Ace said...

ok, then get 1st hand loh ^__^

Jimmy T said...

You buy for me?