Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Australia to BAN Small Breast adult Content!

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In Australia the government decided to ban small looking breast female. But looking at it, it is like discrimination to the female race. They are born with that and should appreciate them not ban them. They is still a human being even how small it is.

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Australian Classification Board have decided to ban small breast women in the adult section. It also say that it can contribute to child pornography.  I am not sure how they set the rules in Australia but it does not make senese small breast child pornography  698528140_b56f9dabac_o  .

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Female ejaculation has been banned on the incredible grounds that "the depictions are a form of urination which is banned under the label of 'golden showers' in the Classification Guidelines" and/or "Female ejaculation is an 'abhorrent' depiction." Notably here male ejaculation is completely legal under the same guidelines, attracting an X rating in Australia. According to Geekologie!

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Even Women have a small breast that is a FACT don’t really need to hide it. If they really want a BIG breast they can do plastic surgery to make it bigger but they appreciate what they and the Australia body should too not discriminate them. Don’t really what is related with small breast and female ejaculation!

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Love Them Not Hate Them Because they have Small tut tut! That what make the World Go Round and Round! Without them the statics show that more Women Have more backache to support their gigantic breast. So Appreciate it!

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kenwooi said...

is this true or what? hmm..

Jimmy T said...

Yup it is True! You can Google it!

YULI said...

what do you mean by in adult section?? i didnt get it. this is a very weird news

Jimmy T said...

Yuli@ I think it stating Magazine and Stuff!

Knight said...

that's INSANE! If those who approve this LAW i would curse their Mother/Daughter/Grandaugther/whoever female related cousin or who-soever to have Smallest Breast in the whole world! that harsh ? LOL

Jimmy T said...

Knight@ That a bit Harsh! But even small or BIG it is fact of Life!

TOLANIC said...

Girls with small breast are not suitable to become a porn star. No hard feeling ya.

Jo-Yee said...

i guess they are only banning women with small breasts from being involved in the adult films field. as in, women with small breasts will not be allowed to film porn.

they are not banning flat-chested australian women in general, i think.

not that it makes it any better, but i thought i should clear things up.

happy blogging everybody! =D

Jimmy T said...

Jo-Yee@ Ya Like you Said "I Think"

4 ™ said...

If there is no more 'small' women in porn, I think Aussie men will gonna miss it.

Mizzsharon said...

U gotta be kidding me!

Haha. I doubt it will ever work tho.


araleling said...

swt.. got such thing one..?
This is bad..

Jimmy T said...

araleling@ Got! But they are quite BAD! SMall Breast they born with it not they want one! Love what they have not have them!

Nikel Khor said...

wah...there rely so so nice..

from Nikel Khor

rhealyn said...

What about young girls who develop large(r) breasts fairly early? Is that also not a problem as well? Women and young girls come in shapes of all sizes. Beyond ridiculous. This prohibition is misleading.

There are women opt for breast augmentation in Australia aren't a member of adult industry.