Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do you want to send Poop To Someone? Now you Can


It will be fun to send someone that you hate the most. For example your neighbor that are arrogant. Lucky they have stop to send internationally poop. Should look at your friend face when he or she received th_drop . They also have poop of the month let me check it out it is the poop of century haha. Sadly did not see any poop of the month anywhere.


2imatt1 WTF! 1 Gallon of Poop! They have variety of poop to show from Cow,Elephant and Gorilla. I was thinking how did they get this disgusting,smelly poop. For the United State it is quite cheap for them but for Malaysian it cost a BOMB!

When the package arrived it will be arrived with a business card as you can see below




We ll Send Poop

But it is hilarious to send someone a Poop for their Birthday or Valentine Day you will be laughing until you have a stomach ache but the receiver would have a piss off face. This is surely the best prank! Never know that a poop also can make money out of it.


Maybe in the future open a shop that sell poop!


Comment From the Website!

Capture Capture Capture Capture

Send the Poop Wisely! You can use it for both WAY! Good and BAD


For more details go to the link on the picture!

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kenwooi said...

lol.. this is interesting =P

Supia Chao said...

OMG.. This is interesting.. Hope I dun get one.

Jimmy T said...

Supia@ I can send to you if you want! haha