Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Video that Showing What is Love all About!

Even it  is just a dog! Even I don’t understand a single word of the whole video but looking at the dog expression it show us we should always take your opportunity when you like someone and don’t like someone just because they are beautiful or rich just love them what is in their heart.


If you like someone you should go and tell them is because time will not wait for us, sometimes when the time reach you want to tell them that you love them they are GONE. So love your partner with your heart not what he or she have. Just love them what they are.


Back to the video it show that the dog are very sad that his partner have been hit by a car and try to pull the dog out from the road. Then he can’t accept her death by trying to shake her up to wake up.

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2 Lovely Comment:

Princess Jennifer said...

This video made me cry
I wonder what happen to the dog later? If I were there, I will burial the dog and adopt the other one.
Poor doggie

Jimmy T said...

Princess@ Dont cry! Sayang Sayang you lol! =]