Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Blackberry Storm 2 Will be my First Blackberry


First and foremost I never owned a blackberry phone before but only touch before at Pavillion Celcom Showroom but it surprise me when I first touch the phone even it is just the cover but it blow me away with the quality and feature of the phone. Some people say this phone are not really good but for me it pass my expectation is because i do not expect much of a phone.

All I need of a phone is:

- Touchscreen


- A light Phone


- Can use Wifi


- Can use Microsoft Office


- Java Games


- Camera and Video




- Email


- Music


Blog about why you want to own a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520!

I want a blackberry phone is because I wanted to try something new than Nokia or Sony Ericson. Because Blackberry have their own unique and special about the phone. So now will be a good start for something new for a Tiger Year and i have said before I have never owned a touch screen phone before and this will be first touch screen first something new first blackberry.

I love all the feature in the phone


- 32GB MicroSD 

I love the 32GB is because I can fit every song,movie and everything I can think of it still have space. That is what I like about it. It is like unlimited of space.

- Touch Screen


About the Touch Screen of the phone is that it is latest technology and it is faster and even better to use. It is without a QWERTY Keyboard it is a good thing is because it will be lighter and smaller in size that what I love so much about this phone.


-  HSDPA Whooping 7.2 MB!  


It is faster than my streamyx at home only 512kb. For the phone HSDPA it is 14 times faster than my home Internet Speed. It so fast until i don’t even need to wait that long and wasted my time of waiting. This is surely a thumb up!

-  It have Wifi


The phone that have Wifi and Touch screen is the best device to surf the net is because moving around would be faster and move different and interesting. With this device support Wifi I can log into my Facebook,Twitter, and read news on the net at anywhere anytime without going back home for only to online. This will surely change people life even myself.

- GPS Support


The last thing I love about the phone is the GPS! Because I don’t go out often and i just pass my driving for about 3 to 4 months i don’t really know go far places but with the help of blackberry Storm GPS it will bring me anywhere without worry that I would get lost somewhere.


Why Celcom would be the best Storm-tastic place to get a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520!


I would get this blackberry Storm 2 at any Celcom Outlet. Because it is more reliable to get a phone from a company is because if the phone have any problem we can bring it back and change for a new one. Also it is more reliable to pay someone that can give us a good benefit for now and in the future.


Looking at the promotion of the phone it have it is worth it to have one under Celcom is because I use call and SMS daily and just pay as low as RM 252 a month it is still worth it. We are just paying cheaper price for the phone and we can enjoy it ASAP possible do not need to wait for finding money. The package is a worth while is because it is cheaper and we can a get the phone.

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