Friday, February 19, 2010

A Funny Looking PENIS TREE on the Neighborhood

Penis Tree 

I was thinking how would you feel if this funny looking tree was in your neighborhood! Some people would think it is disgusting or pervert kind of stuff. Some people would think it is a cool kind of stuff.

From my point of view having this sculpture in the neighborhood have their pro and cons! The Pro is that it would make your neighborhood famous and well known on the same time. Maybe the price of home would increase. The Cons side is that people would come to this place and make a nuisance.

Back to the news about the tree: 

People from the neighborhood feel uncomfortable of the tree according to Phoenix Television Station.This tree is owned by Adam Starr's and it is located at the backyard of his home. The Funny Looking tree is 35 feet tall died. So he decided to cut it down, he ask his friend to do him a favor by cutting the tree by that his friend cut the tree looking like a gigantic PENIS!

To Prove it is a true! Below is a Video of the @PENIS TREE!@

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