Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surprise That Girls wash their BRA once a Year and Once a Week!

According to Sin Chew Daily by taking statics Girls from Singapore!

About 200 Girls done the survey about How Often do they Wash Their Bra:


108 Girls say that they Wash Their Bra Daily


42 Girls say that they Wash it Weekly


6 Girls Was they Bra Yearly


6 Girls say they never wash their Bra Before


The gynecologist say that they no need to wash it everyday if they work in a office. But from my point of view the germs will stuck at the BRA we will never know. It is safer to wash it everyday. I imagine if  a BRA been wash Yearly!


Maybe you throw the BRA at a cat maybe the cat can faint straight away. It surely will smell bad if not wash it weekly or daily. Maybe can cause cancer you will never know.


For Singapore Girls is Like that thinking how about Malaysia it is worse or better?


2 Lovely Comment:

Kyuubi_85 said...

is that true? i cant imagine...

Jimmy T said...

Kyubi@ You can go make research! Go smell Girls Bra!