Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz Will be the BIG next Thing than Twitter or Facebook!


As you can see Google Buzz is like something of Facebook or Twitter! Facebook and Twitter should worry is because the next big thing will be Google Buzz. I bet you they will create a BIG huha. For Google Buzz they allowed using other Google product such as their application. It will be a new experience you all should check it out.


The best part about Google Buzz is that, it can collect new update such as from Twitter,blog  and etc etc! It let what you want to share what to your follower only! It also have their own feature so see real time update like you can see on facebook and twitter.

After that people can comment it! Google have Change my life! Forgot to use Googlewave but will try it out later.


After reading what I said you don’t even understand a thing don’t worry there is a video will explain more in detail!

I wish that I have more than 4 follower lol! I want to start sharing stuff but sharing with GHOST lo!

Wow after watching this video you would be BLOWN AWAY! I bet you! You will run from Facebook or Twitter to Google Buzz! If not it BLOW me AWAY! OMG OMG That is Great!

If you interested you can join my circle of whatever it called:

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