Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Replicator that can Steal Car Keys Code in Seconds


This is device is called Electronic Key Impressioner (EKI) it have their pro and cons. For the pro the locksmith can unlock your car in seconds but the cons side is a bad guy get his hand on it, he or she can steal any car they like, like a shopping spree.  It is quite small in size, it have a scanning device that can scan key lock easily, also it have an USB Connection it can be used to update new code to unlock cars.


But every new devices have their disadvantages. For at the moment this device only can work on FORD type of vechicle not BMW,Mercedez and etc. It only can work on traditional type of keys. But in the road there are million of cars that are using old traditional keys like Proton,Perodua and many more. They are hoping in the future they can unlock more cars.


This device will be available by the end of the year for the United States!

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