Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do you Know who is the Tallest and Shortest Man in the WORLD?


On the left He PingPing from China is the shortest man in the WORLD he is 2 feet 5 inches. So you guys should appreciated if you are tall, some people wanted to be 170 cm tall but they couldn’t. So you guys don’t show off your tallness you will never know your next life you would be 1 feet 1 inches.

On the right is Sultan Kosen  from Turkey is the Tallest man in the WORLD he is 8 feet 1 inches. It will hard for them to do  thing for example they buy a Perodua Myvi(Toyota Passo) how would he want to sit in the car.

For both of them doing thing will be hard. Going anywhere they would feel they are different and they go anywhere people will look at them. But looking at both of them it make me think that we should appreciate no matter how short we are and if you are rich tall,clever and everything is perfect and also very cocky, one day or your next life you would feel what is the meaning of PAIN!

tall_short_7 tall_short_5 tall_short_4

APPRECIATE What you Have Now! Before You Will Regret IT!

4 Lovely Comment:

Tekkaus said...

Hahaha :D A good one. It shows the tallest and shortest person in a photo. Very contrasting. :D

Jimmy T said...

Tekkaus@ Ya when tall meet short it look quite weird =]

Daphne Le Lyra said...

sooo cute oo that short man..d tall 1 a bit weird..i wan to b more tall if can..i'm 5ft2inc..ahaha

Jimmy T said...

Daphne@ Ya veli cute and small like teddy bear! haha

I want to be taller too but my growing age almost ENDING! =[