Friday, February 12, 2010

Why I Like It Longer!

I would try my best! My post will not be as good as IT,animation people but I would try my typing do all the talking!


Today I will be talking about the LG Why I like it Longer! Not I like it Shorter

Now I will List Down Why I like it Longer of LG Phone! =]



Long NESS of the Phone


The phone Long NESS is so long until i don’t know how long it is. But importantly it is long  I can use it do more thing in it than a smaller screen type of phone. I can use it to read more stuff and less scrolling. The phone long is just right not too long not too short. That was make my Life GOOD!


Long Ness of GPS


With this phone that can support GPS it would be a GOOD device I can use it for a long distant and places that I can’t go by myself by the help of GPS that support in LG Chocolate it would give me a longer distance without driving into a BIG DRAIN!


Long Ness To  Keep in Touch


I can Keep in Touch with my friends and Family! Can’t keep in touch with GF because don’t have one if have one it will be more useful. Back to the topic I can SMS or call anybody and can keep in touch than going to a public phone putting coin than worry can’t find any good one and also can’t put paper note into it.

Long Ness of the Memory Space


With a Whooping External 32 GB can be added and 1.1 GB Internal Memory it is more than enough for me to put prawn,fisball, chickball, fatball,Bak Gua and Etc. Even I put all the song in my computer in it there are still BIG Space in there. It is like unlimited of space that keep going and going going going all day long.

Long Ness It support office document


With this phone supporting Microsoft Office Document it would be easy to Cheat use for class! No need to bring laptop to see slide but using the phone is more convenient it is like everything in one! It will change my Life when looking at Slide! If in class lecture catch me using phone I just say I am just using the PHONE to see SLIDE!

Long Ness To Watch a VIDEO


LG chocolate do support Divx/Xvid Video so with the phone so long I can see everything as clear as a pearl! With that I can watch my movie anywhere without to worry about the video quality! The barrier is my time to watch the video and everything is perfect!


Long Ness of the Camera


Look at that Camera 5 MEGA P I X E L MAN! I can take everything I like! Ya I like but sometimes people will misused it. Like the Camera because do ont need to bring a extra Camera wasting energy and space. But with that I can camwhore but i am not a GIRL haha! With that Space and Camera I can take Picture of the Whole Malaysia!


Long Ness of Battery Life


The Battery Life are quite GOOD not as bad as some phone! It can last for 6 hours for talk time. It also can standby for 400 hours. Even it can last 4 hours of the phone having this phone is worth it. Just look behind the hood(Perasaan like Car) it have everything a blogger need like me.


Long Ness of the Application


With this phone having a BIG screen it can fit a lot of application in one screen. It make our life easier less movement more time doing what we want. Now the phone are getting easier and easier but the LG Chocolate is the one that surprise us and standout among others.


Long Ness Standing on the Wall


This phone can stand on the wall! But I was thinking How Long can it stand to the WALL for long of period of time. But I think I put the phone there 1 year also it will be there without a movement but even earthquake there will be no problem.


Long Ness of the QWERTY Keypad


With the phone LONG LONG LONG QWERTY Keyboard! The Word is BIG and spacing between the words are nicely fit! Good for my Asian Hands haha! With a comfy touch screen on the phone it is can satisfy a lot of people including myself.


Longness to scroll picture to right and left


It marvelous scrolling system! It have the smooth and simple scrolling will be easy to find the picture we Need! You can SCROLL as Long as you can you will not fall asleep to find 1000 of picture in it.

Longness To Do Application

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

With the TO DO application you can put more than 101 stuff in it. It can fit 500 To do stuff in calendar and 500 To do notes. There are also 100 memo can be put in it. It is more than enough for me 500 maybe the 500 can last for 5 years. Now I can’t forgot for my schedule for the next 5 years it will be great I will not be late for anything.

Final Longness  of Game can I Play

Capture4 Capture5

This phone have everything including game you can play sideway,upway,upsideway and anyway it can be use. That What I like about the phone everything is Fit for my style.




Why I Like about this Phone!

This Phone is everything have been packed into this phone is what I always wanted and wanted a new phone because have been using the an OLD phone that are so outdated. One more thing I don’t have a DATE for a valentine this phone will be my Valentine and Present for the Year of 2010 and TIGER!

IF you all Feel Boring after Reading the Post! The Video Below would Give you a Wake up call. The Video is about a few GIRL dancing with LG PHOne you will LOVE IT!

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