Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Day and Chinese New Year Fall on the Same Day! Good for Single People?

GongXiFaCai valentines_day_graphics_10

Do you agree with me? This Year Valentine Day is Good for Single people! =]

Because People that are Single no need to suffer go everywhere seeing Couple walking around and make you to think getting a partner to be with you. I remember I told someone that they say Valentine Day and Chinese New Year fall on the same day I say bad luck for you but good luck for me! Yup Good Luck For Me haha! But getting itchy lately lol!

Want to talk something about girlfriend and boyfriend stuff! Some people love you because they like your body,money,face and stuff, I would love to show you a video of a girl that piss off of her boyfriend.

Her Boyfriend break with her because her breast size was “A” and her body don’t look hot enough. But actually she have “C” but A or Z size importantly to love what in the heart not the physically look. But Physically look is a bonus. But I don’t really understand the video too but more or less understand what she going to say.

If i get her as my girlfriend I would be happy! See how cute is she!

By the Way Happy Valentine Day, GONG XI FA CAI and Happy Holidays! WISH YOU ALL GOOD LUCK!

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sei lu ... hahaha i negative A . yea:) the girl is so cute .

Jimmy T said...

My one also got "B" leh! You still young! haha

You should know someone should love what you are not what you have! =] Find a GOOD One haha!

Elaine New said...

haha. quite hot n cute la da gal. but its like kinda obvious she was not over him. haha.

Jimmy T said...

Elaine@ Maybe lol!