Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheryl Tweedy spotted With an another Man not Ashley Cole



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Look at her! She so Scared! Should Give her a HUG!

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As you know news buzzing around saying that Ashley Cole is cheating his wife Cheryl Cole. The news say that Ashley Cole having affair with 4 others girls. Always when they have a beautiful and hot wife they surely have affair like Tiger Woods. They should appreciate who they married and Cheryl Cole is a capable,loyal Wife and she make a lot of movie from X-Factor, singing and stuff.

If for me if Cheryl Tweedy is my wife I would be more happy than some people. She can sing for me day and night, admire her hotness, Watch her on TV,Hang out, and the list can go on and on and on. But my conclusion is that when they husband is rich they tend to believe that they are rich they think they can cheat or have affair.

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The guy on top is Derek Hough is a Dancing with the Star dancer, photographer have spotted him with Cheryl Cole together at a  Movie watching Valentine Day’s what a sweet couple lol. According to source say that Cheryl Cole and Derek is just friend they are not a romantic couple whatsoever. But she want to send a strong message to her husband that don't simply take advantage of people.

Some people do not appreciate what they have. But when they lost something they start to notice it.

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