Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?


Why I hate vampire because can you believe Twilight? Vampire love a Human! It is crazy or something like that. Vampire they suck blood crying out loud how they can be vegetarian from nowhere. Maybe the Vampire is in a dreaming world or something close.

Even I am not vegetarian in my whole life i would not be vegetarian but i will eat vege because we need to have a balance diet. What I hate the most it is their skill is like fake for sometimes they are too strong and other day they is weak. What with that?

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Other than that make the movie want people to see it. It is because of Kristine Stewart the cute one and also Ashley Greene the one with the sexy look. That is what attract people to watch the movie and also what attract me to the movie. Sooner or later more hot babe and guys will enter the movie is wait for a bit longer you will see guys with 10-pack. Babe that have big big *censored* that will make your eye go bigger and staring the screen.

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Hmmmm! Which one is still the best the left one or the right one? I think the left one because telling the truth about the movie i think they need hotter babe to show some good vampireness in them! Haha


Look how hairy he is? No more 6 pack only hairy 6 pack M uhahahha!


Waaaaa! No Comment


lol! So cute vampire tryomg to makeup so that can look like one! Haha


Look at their expression! It is epic

If you want to know how s**k it is just watch the trailer! You will have a stomach ache later because laughing too much because you will know how bad it is i mean the original movie. Sorry to all the real fan out there!

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