Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Few Ways to Get High! Without Using Drugs Whatsoever

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In life there is many weird people and on the same time like to weird stuff that sometimes you will feel disgusting doing it but some people for the sake of something they will do it no matter how scary and weird it is. The weirdest among all would be the jet fuel  oh my god crying out loud drinking jet fuel can make you get high ya right it will make you died faster instead.

Nowadays heard from many of my friend there is many pervert guys out there. If your facebook is a girl wait for pervert guys adding you and will keep bothering you keep asking like

DId you have sex already?

Are you still VIrgin?

You are so cute?

What is your MSN?

And blah blah and on and on with all their bullshit stuff that you can see daily!

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