Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do you want to try Dog,Cat,Rat Meat? Ewwwwwwwwww disgusting

This Website kitty,rat, sold only rat,dog and cat meat by online and be sent to you fully packed. According to their website they said that their meat are high quality.


Hope that the company did not pick it up the animal from the side of the road.


First the RAT MEAT

chinese-restaurant-burning-hair-off-ratsrats2 chinese-restaurant-cutting-up-rats-to-look-like-chicken rats5


rats6 rats7 rats8


Do you think it is tasty? For me looking and thinking it is Rat Meat make me lose my appetite. When we hear RAT the first thing come to our mind is they eat rubbish, crawl in drain and their body is full of virus,germs and etc.

Second is the Cat Meat



Ewwww Cat Meat! fk-park-004


Wow have part too! Rib,Stewing!


Last is Dog Meat! fk-park-004


It is Totally Disgusting to the MAX!

images DogMeat-Hanoi1




For this last picture “it is too cute for me to eat it”

I would rather stay to my old diet Chicken and Beef ! Instead having Rat(Virus),Dog and Cat (Pet)

Funny Ski Signs For Beginner,Intermediate,Difficult and Expert!

Interesting and Fun Sign That Show What Will You Occur in Different Type of Slope










The sign are quite interesting but it is a funny FACT what will happen when inexperience people are FOUND at the slope that they can’t handle. The phrase or sentences I like the most is “Fall Without Any Reason” 71

Do you Know who is the Tallest and Shortest Man in the WORLD?


On the left He PingPing from China is the shortest man in the WORLD he is 2 feet 5 inches. So you guys should appreciated if you are tall, some people wanted to be 170 cm tall but they couldn’t. So you guys don’t show off your tallness you will never know your next life you would be 1 feet 1 inches.

On the right is Sultan Kosen  from Turkey is the Tallest man in the WORLD he is 8 feet 1 inches. It will hard for them to do  thing for example they buy a Perodua Myvi(Toyota Passo) how would he want to sit in the car.

For both of them doing thing will be hard. Going anywhere they would feel they are different and they go anywhere people will look at them. But looking at both of them it make me think that we should appreciate no matter how short we are and if you are rich tall,clever and everything is perfect and also very cocky, one day or your next life you would feel what is the meaning of PAIN!

tall_short_7 tall_short_5 tall_short_4

APPRECIATE What you Have Now! Before You Will Regret IT!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picture of the Worst Athlete

a18a8inA alg_josh-hamilton Basketball%20FAIL catch-fail epic-fail-sports-fail-epic-forehead-weak-retard-demotivation fail_kick-1_0 fail_timing12_11 failed7asd fail-lol fail-owned-defense-fail diving-sports-fail  fail-owned-runningback-fail failredo-42 Funny_sport_Photo_13 funny-sports-pictures-09 image_3 karate_fail2 kick_in_the_nuts-12217 Kissmyassclub normal_4_1216803096_6935610 soccerfail Epic Sport Fails unusual-ice-skating-oops-sports 478_base-ball-fails