Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PornStar Offer Oral Sex if Netherland win the WORLD CUP!


Here is her Twitt! But i think after people hearing it a lot of people will follow her including myself! Don’t you think it is quite insane to have oral sex of her 5000 follower. Maybe one day 10 people. It will take forever until her vagina is half dead at that time. Maybe she was trying to say is that she make a video and distribute to her 5000 follower for their enjoyment.

30 hot-bobbi-eden

Lately for the sake of World Cup they are trying to get publicity for their sexy body. Remember the Paraguay Chick that she say if Paraguay win she will run naked at the street but too bad they lost. But don’t worry her naked picture is the net now. Anyway i think pornstar would be better not only they can make interesting stun and acting sound you will beg for more.

Capture2 close-up

Wow! Now girls are thinking more about guys it is a good thing. Watching football is their pass time but icing of the cake is the hot supporter that is jumping up and down at the stand. Maybe they are bored of pornstar and pornstar sex. I think they want a real man that is real to do it.

01 BobbiEden

If you all are interested to have a chance to ahem ahem with her! Remember to follow her she is providing free service for you all. You will not see everyday a pornstar giving out free sex for you all. Before having sex with them you need to know more about them right? Don’t worry no more you can look below!


Do you like it? Just like a car if the sound nice everything will be good enough! Just hear the song just push push baby take it or leave it! Push Push Baby!


Also don’t forget to support Netherland or Holland!  <<< It is the same

Remember to do the face like the guy wearing number 2 T-Shirt! When you see her haha

3 Lovely Comment:

Lukey Cher Hong said...

i sure dun wanna be the 5000th guy to receive her "service"! her mouth must be dang dirty by then

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Jimmy T said...

Don't worry she is experience! Even the 10K will enjoy it! SHe is a pornstar man lol

Porn Tube said...

Damn! Where's god when you need him!