Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Female is so Thin suffer from Rare Syndrome


Her name is Lizzie Velasquez she is only 21 years old and so young and need to suffer. Sometimes we feel that in life we are quite lucky and we do not suffer something that people can look down on us. Sometimes when i look around on people that are rich and etc do not care much about people around them. Her height is 5 Feet 2 inch a disease or gene that prevent her to gain weight.


After looking the picture in my life there is more meaning and make me feel that to be more independent. Guys and Girls out there we should not take advantage, complain because our life is better than some people. Even we are rich we should think about people around us you will never know the next time you see them you need them help. But what you have done will make them do not care about you.


She said that "I weigh myself regularly and if I gain even one pound I get really excited. I eat every 15-20 minutes to keep my energy levels up. I eat small portions of crisps, sweets, chocolate, pizza, chicken, cake, doughnuts, ice cream, noodles and pop tarts all day long, so I get pretty upset when people accuse me of being anorexic. When I meet new people I have to say: 'Hi, I'm Lizzie and I have this rare syndrome, I am NOT anorexic'."


For her to stay healthy she need to eat at least 6o meal a day to prevent from her condition getting worst.  Even the amount she eat will make a normal person get fat but for her she have very little of fat and also never weight more than 27kg. It is quite scary!


This is Lizzy family! When she was just 4 month prematurely she only weight about 2lb 10oz! It is something a dream come true for some people eating without getting fat but it is a sad situation for her. People should not tease or laugh at her because if you are in her shoe how would you feel.


Lizzie bones,organ and brain are all working well but in her life she almost died twice it would be a hard experience for her to feel it. It happen when she was only 16 and 19. One time was her appendix almost break and her blood cells is not multiplying. Other than that when she was young she have 2 brown eyes and when she got older to be exact when she was 4 her right eye change color and blind. 

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Janice said...

i wonder can she stand still for more than 5 minutes? her leg can't afford her weight i guess @@

Lukey Cher Hong said...

i salute these people for their will to continue on living. this is a very inspiring post. i like it!

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