Friday, July 2, 2010

Please Becareful Who you Dating Online!



Nowadays and also long ago people have been cheated online because the profile picture in the dating site and facebook that is fake look really promising and not sure it is them or not. For example they will use celebrity picture and sometimes we don’t even know them or even model and we assume the person is very beautiful and gorgeous.


Sometimes people get cheated when they already show their naked picture in webcam and sent money to the person and after that they only know they have been cheated. Heard a lot from news and even video!


Everytime you see their profile picture they look gorgeous and hot! But in real life they look way different. They assume that their profile picture is nice and in real life people would really like them. If this is how you think and you are wrong so wrong! Back to school and do some homework first.


The best to put picture in a dating site is put yourself  because if you want to attract someone it is important the picture is you because they are interested in you not the celerity picture you put in there.


Teach you how to overcome it! When you are talking to someone if you keep talking to them and feel that everything is so promising and going to well you are entering a trap. I heard this thing from a war game it say if you going to war and enter some place and it is too good to be truth that you can enter somewhere so easy. It is quite the same as dating cheating online. Haha


Look at the picture on top! I keep lol everyday!


If a profile picture look like this! Would you tempted to add her and talk to her! I know you pervert out there will surely want to look at it!

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Awan Bellz said...

i like on the below one....2 apple size....