Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Germany Will Win the World Cup 2010

I got the picture to prove it that Germany will win the WORLD CUP!


So according to this weird chart it say that Germany will win the WORLD CUP! Without looking at this chart Germany is the favorite to win the world cup. If you don’t believe you should see how they demolish Argentina in style. Even most of their good player is gone but their tactic is nearly perfection and with a good tactic they can anybody.


Nobody can win them! Even you say spain is quite good but there are not good enough compare to Germany. Do you know that Germany make BMW,Mercedes,Audi,Volkswagen etc! Don’t you think they can use that quality in football game i think they can. Even Spain almost lose to Paraguay even Spain hold the ball more but they are not so dangerous in front of the goal!


You should see how calm are them in front of goal! They are superb and relax during the game when people attack their goal they just stay cool and everybody is everywhere even their attack everybody is everywhere. Even hit what the ball will reach back to their person. I mean GERMANY ok not SPAIN,URUGAY, Holland!


If you are lucky enough you can see some hot chick of Germany supporter in the stand waiting to show some SKIN!

2 Lovely Comment:

Princess Jennifer said...

Yeah I know but you left out something. German guys are CUTE too

Jimmy T said...

Princess@ Opps forget about girls point of view haha!