Friday, July 9, 2010

That is Why Japan is so Unique and Special!


Even eating a mee you will not get bored! I think even looking at it will make the people feel full already!


If you can’t find a guy to sleep on! Worry no more


If you worry that your partner know your bxxbs is small don’t worry you can get from A to D in no time


Now chopstick come with a fan so that we do not need to blow our me again!


Now you can taste hot chick butt for free! Not sure the butt is actually theirs or not haha! Maybe beggar at the side of the road! ROFLMAO


Have you see anything fishy? Not fish


Now you can sleep at girl lap without the actual GIRL!


Now you can catch marine life and eat it raw like SUSHI with only 50 cent you try your luck to catch one


Know with this sleeping on a train will not be a problem your head will stay still even there is Tsunami or Earthquake

japan_is_awesome_19 watermelon-heart

You can’t see everyday square watermelon and even rare is heart shape watermelon!


Wow! The design look interesting and special on the same time. Lucky they never design with poop dropping off to the train


LOOK! the design


What do you think you will see if the door is open?


This is the Japan Version it is even hotter and even cuter! Don’t you think so?


Haha! Bread with Winnie and the Pooh on it


Haha! This is what people call Japan Rain Coat


Butter as a pen! Hmmmm can eat on exam will writing! Good idea right?


Now you should not worry anymore! Putting eye drop into your eye will be so easy


Now Tissues come with a hat! You will not have to worry there is no tissues in the toilet anymore!

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