Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to Spoil a Nice Picture! V2

bad_90 bad_98 how_to_spoil_640_11how_to_spoil_640_17how_to_spoil_640_38how_to_spoil_640_39bad_photo_01 bad_photo_15 bad_photo_22 bad_photo_27 how_to_spoil_640_10  how_to_spoil_640_13 how_to_spoil_640_14 how_to_spoil_640_16    how_to_spoil_640_41 how_to_spoil_640_42 how_to_spoil_640_44 how_to_spoil_640_47

I love the one with the baby face pop out from below of the picture! That is another EPIC! Haha still got another post to go before it END! So enjoy it as much as possible and on the same time try to find a dog butt! Haha

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