Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Getting Drunk is not A Wise think TO DO!

drunk_13 drunk_15 drunk_17 drunk_21 drunk_22 drunk_24 drunk_25 drunk_26 drunk_28 drunk_31 drunk_32 drunk_33 drunk_34 drunk_36 drunk_43 drunk_44 drunk_46 drunk_47 drunk_48 drunk_49 drunk_52 drunk_53 drunk_57 drunk_58 drunk_61 drunk_63 drunk_65 drunk_66 drunk_68 drunk_69 drunk_72 drunk_76 drunk_01 drunk_05 drunk_07 drunk_10 

That is why you should know your limit. DO not get overexcited and drink until like there is no tomorrow. If you drink like there is no tomorrow you can be like the people in the picture on top. It will be more epic that it is post it to youtube or facebook to let all your friend to see. Than you will have sleepless night and people laughing at you as long as people can still remember the incident.


Everybody drop do count! So drink Wisely

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