Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crime Scene Investigation(CSI)! Real Life Vs CSI Movie

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Don’t you think the movie CSI in the TV we watch it look too good to be true? For me i thought Crime Scene Investigator was a good can catch people drive hummer and so on. But in reality it is they don’t do that. It just to entertain us in some way. That is why it is the movie if not it will take month to finish the whole movie.

93414__david_l csi-ny

Remember this guy? Wear black spectacle when he is talking there is style and always in the movie with him you will feel it is more safer. But in reality you need a gun to be safe, even with gun you will not be safe. Threat is everywhere even in your own home. But i still love the old days when i watch CSI Miami and New York it is so interesting catching bad guy and the stylist CSI people.

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