Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Hot Babe in the World Cup! Showing some nice cleavage!

Now it is from Brazil! But I need to censored a bit because she show extra what normal World Cup babe that we have encounter before. But i think the Paraguay babe is better because more pure and original.


All you know that Brazilian women is so hot! That mostly in Victoria Secret is brazil girl. But here is no different a female supporter showing a sexy breast implant to not only the supporter but the live TV. Everyone that saw it go GA GA!


I know I know you all want to see her black thing on her boobs but i censored it for safety and underage kids viewing my blog and also i don’t want to get banned! As you can see the picture she was trying to pull it to let people to see it.


But looking at fact! Without her showing a big boobs from her bra! From how she look she is as hot as the Paraguay babe that i was saying about. Look at her face she look cute and everything is quite perfect. Just that……


She is wanting some attention to make herself famous. With that implant every guy in this world would died for just to see it or to feel it. I will prove to you that actually she purposely do it for attention. Not only that wear so small when she have a big implant in there. Look a face on her right of the Chinese guy! It is EPIC

fan_05  fan_07

As you can see the picture on top that she notice her nipple is out from her bra but she is still shaking like there is no tomorrow to attract attention the crowd.

I will surely support Brazil this time no matter what! Haha

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