Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Do you know why China Population is Damn Big?


Just assume that this 2 kiddo is better than me. Look at them mostly even people at their 20 can’t even get to that style,mood and skill they have. I was wondering where did he learn from from monkey style to donkey style. Quite promising right?


See can move here and there. Maybe they are experiment new style and put it into the books of record. So young and so committed! Nowadays finding a girlfriend for some people is really really hard like climbing Mount Everest. Look move right to left!


Wow after passionate of kissing and kissing and kissing! They still not satisfy going another special location to do something new. Maybe they have found what is KISS KISS! Maybe sooner or later they will discover what is penis and vagina it will not be long and their babies will be crawling all around China anytime soon.


Back the topic don’t you think they are too young to do that or to conservative?

But anyway you know that China population is in billion not million compare to Malaysia it is more than double or maybe triple my Maths fail ok i do not know how much exactly it is. Don’t freaking laugh.


With young people know this stuff so easily that is maybe the possibility that is why China population increase rapidly. This would make younger people have more babies and also as old as their father. It should weird right your child and father age is quite close. Is there any gimmick?


But so young with that ability and skill i think they should make a pornstar movie or something like that. But in a good way maybe computer help porn be seen more easily and kids tend to expose to it and feel want to experiment stuff because it look interesting and fun to do it. But raping is different story but the girl even want it so both of them feel want to try something new. It is kids brain we have encounter before.


Ok! Don’t act yeeewwzzz disgusting whatsoever. Don’t tell me you never see before i know you do everybody do. It is human nature!

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