Saturday, July 10, 2010

Even Animal Like Boobs!

You know right! When people see hot girls walk through you can see some guy how pervert are them. For example the guy is walking to north and the girl walk to south if they saw any hot chick they head will see the back until the girl is gone liker a totally pervert. Even worst is they whistle the annoying sound. Get a LIFE DUDE!


Even a dog can’t resist it! It is like a


Hmmmm! It taste nice


The dog was like Wow! And later that is Wow Again


See the doggie! Want to touchie touchie

animals_11 animals_13 animals_02 animals_03 animals_05

When animal do that people will not feel they are pervert! They feel that they don’t know anything and was thinking it is milk from their mom! Haha

If people touch or stare people think they are pervert. But we can’t say that it is human nature they like to stare at it but not too long. I remember i read somewhere it say that it is human nature to do that and that is what make women attractive. It is not only that it make women different from other but nowadays plastic surgery can change everything.

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