Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paraguay Hottie LaRissa Riquelme Have Been Robbed


Remember this Paraguay Babe i have said before long ago during World Cup? Here and Here

She done it again creating headline in the news now it is not about World Cup but something related to what she really like to put the thing at. Actually she is been rob maybe because of her attention of handphone hanging on her cleavage or going naked if Paraguay win the world cup.


It happen when she is walking with her sister and 2 other person when suddenly 2 medium size guy get on her way and took her personal belonging like handphone,passport and so on. After that she ask for help from a police car that is located nearby.  Not really sure but i think it happen on Brazil that is why she is holding her passport.


That is why don’t wear too expose or extra because you will not want to attract unwanted attention. She is quite lucky today if she is alone she can been raped by the robber. But you all should not worry she tweet about it saying that she is fine and she got a scared but everything is alright.

A sight of Relieved!

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