Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinemas


Hmmmm! I have play Tekken in PS2 but i think for once because i can’t beat a single enemy. By that i keep simply clicking here and there hoping it can release super power. But obviously it can’t until my hand become red and red and read until it hurt so bad. Not really know much about the character. So let me make some research and tell you which character i love the most.


I found a character that I like is one and only Nina Williams! I love about her it is because not only she look cute but she is call as a cold blooded assassin in the game. What i really like so much about her character is her skill and ability that she have to beat her opponent even her opponent you can see it is bigger and stronger she can overcome it easily.


Other than that I like her skill of fighting style and ability to throw stuff consistleee! People say about her personality is that she is emotionless and focus on something that she want to do. She look hot but do not assume people look hot is good and friendly. She do not smile often and not only that she does display a bit of humor.


What make me feel sad about her history is that she suffer from amnesia because of witnessing her father death. I think that is why she build herself and her reputation as a emotionless person. I think she is like that it is because she do not want it to happen again and feel sad about it that can pull her down.

So much grandfather story i have been typing! Let me share trailer of the movie i am excited to watch it after stuck at Switzerland and miss a lot of nice movie like salt,sorcerer etc. Hope have opportunity to watch this movie like fighting scene and hot chick fighting too! Haha

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