Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Spoil a Nice Picture!

bad_01 bad_02 bad_04 bad_06 bad_07 bad_08 bad_13  bad_18 bad_19 bad_27  bad_35bad_42 bad_62bad_68bad_65bad_89bad_73bad_79

bad_38 bad_33bad_15 bad_54   bad_66  bad_71   

Make sure you open your eye wieder and look at the funny thing! Don’t concentrate on the centre only! Because you can miss a lot. If you can’t get enough of it don’t worry i will post a bit more this week!

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3 Lovely Comment:

of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

hahaha....these are some of the funniest moment..lamppost spoiling photos..hehe

MizArWeN said...

lol...d pic wf a lil boy at d bck seat wile d ppl infront duin d 'project' reli crack me. lol

Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ haha! Will have more soon!